White Tabular Alumina

THYME White Tabular Alumina is an aggregate of high purity and well sintered crystalline alpha-alumina, manufactured at sintering temperatures over 1900°C. It has a plate-like/ tablet-like crystal structure with closed pores in between. The calcination imparts excellent thermal shock resistance and mechanical strength against spalling, by the creation of small closed air pores less than the size of 10um inside alpha alumina crystal. It has a high refractoriness (above 1800°C), thermal shock resistance, high volume stability, high density, high mechanical stability, and high chemical resistance. It can be used in refractory (glass, cement, petrochemical, ceramic and waste incineration), and for kiln furniture, filter for molten metal, filter for epoxy resins and polyester, insert catalyst supports and heat conductors.

Specifications of WTA offered by us is given below, We can also modify specs according to client's requirement. 


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